Sikh Sport UK sponsor England Player

Sikh Sport UK are extremely pleased to be able to sponsor a young and upcoming sportsman. Raj Matharu is a field hockey player and aged just 14.  He plays for a variety of teams including  Reading HC, Taunton Vale HC, King’s College Taunton and England hockey – U16 JRPC  (Junior Regional Rerformance Centre).  In addition, he has received academia and sports scholarship at King's College Taunton in 2013. 


Hockey goalkeeping is a highly technical position, that requires fast reflex, high fitness and agility and total fearless commitment. Modern hockey goalkeeper’s equipment uses advanced technology and material in manufacturing. With the enhanced material used to keep the overall weight very light and comfort, thus makes it very expensive. A typical complete kit can cost as much as three thousand pounds.  This is where Sikh Sport UK will contribute to Raj's development that will hopefully allow him to progress further.


Raj is in the UK Lions Hockey in preparation for the Junior International Gold Cup tournament, India, in December 2014 and we wish him the best of luck.


As a charity, Sikh Sport UK are delighted when we can help, in any way possible,  youngsters to acheive their dreams.  If you feel that you could benefit from working in partnership with SSUK, then please contact us here!