Maharaja Jassa Singh Sports Day in association with Sikh Sport UK 

Sunday 29th May 2016

The Maharaja Jassa Singh Tournament took place on Sunday 29th May 2016 at Ramgarhia Sports Centre, Leeds. There was a football tournament involving 7 teams, a table tennis tournament as well as a squash tournament.


The football tournament was the usual competitive affair based on a round robin basis where each team would play each other and the top four teams would go through to the semi finals. The teams who went through to the knockout stages were Famous Fives, Harehills Place, Neverwin and Bar Noir 123.


In the first semi-final, Bar Noir 123 took a shock lead and held out Famous Fives with the Famous Fives goalkeeper making several saves to keep his team in the match. Eventually, the vast experience of the Famous Fives teams showed and they scored two quick goals to make their way to the final. Harehills Place had a tussle against Neverwin. Just as in their goalless group game much earlier on in the day, chances were few and far between. Eventually, Harehills Place ran out winners to face Famous Fives in the final.


By this point, after a very long day, players were exhausted and the final was a disappointing affair. Apart from one chance by each team, the final became a stalemate. This mirrored their group game where it was also a draw, albeit a 1-1 scoring draw. When extra time loomed, both teams agreed to go straight to penalties as exhaustion had taken its toll on both teams. The penalty shoot-out had plenty of drama with saves and goals aplenty. Eventually, it boiled down to the goalkeepers. The Harehills Place goalkeeper had to score to win but his penalty kick was saved by his opposite number. The Famous Fives goalkeeper stepped up but his penalty was also saved meaning the winners of the Maharaja Jassa Singh football tournament 2016 were Harehills Place FC.


The squash tournament was a low-key affair with 5 players also playing in a round robin format similar to the football. There was a good mix of youngsters as well as senior players. The standard was very high with some great games taking place. Eventually, the final was contested by Rajan Rayat and Jasmeet Singh Notay. In another close affair, Rajan had just enough guile and skill to outwit his opponent and become the Maharaja Jassa Singh Squash tournament winner 2016.


In many ways, the table tennis tournament struggled to ignite due to the busy nature of the players involved. It seemed that most of the table tennis players were multi-tasking and playing in either the squash or football tournaments as well. After looking at the matches that could be played, the eventual final was between Graham Andrew (one of the referees of the football tournament) and Manjinder Rayat, one of the organisers from Sikh Sport UK. This final proved to be a one-sided affair with close sets but Graham had too much experience and showed his skill to win the final. Graham Andrew became the Maharaja Jassa Singh table tennis winner 2016.


This tournament owed a lot to Ramgarhia Sports Centre hosting the event as well as all the sponsors who camo on board to lend their financial support. We hope to make the Maharaja Jassa Singh Tournament an annual event and bring it back to its former glory when it was an event that everyone wanted to be part of. We can only do this with your support so Sikh Sport UK hope to count on your support in the future to make this event successful.

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