Sikh Sport UK trip to Scarborough

Wednesday 3rd August

Wednesday 3rd August 2016 was a good day for Sikh Sport UK. After organising previous trips to the seaside, they managed to surpass expectations by getting 4 coaches to travel to Scarborough for the day trip. Having a reduced price seemed to encourage lots of people to bring families and friends along.


On the day, the forecast was perfect. Nearly 190 people rocked up to the Sikh Temple on Chapeltown Road and were seated in the various coaches. There was lots of laughter and positive energy on the coaches as they all looked forward to a trip to the Yorkshire Coast.


The coaches arrived just after 11am due to traffic but there was still a long time to enjoy the day. Scarborough was already getting busy and the tide was on its way out. Lots of the passengers descended onto the beach and then the sea.


The day was absolutely gorgeous with lots of sunshine and a cool breeze. The beauty of Scarborough was that there was so much to do there. If you did not fancy the beach, you could go into Town and explore the local shops. Some may have preferred the shops on the seafront and there was definitely a lot of people in the casinos. It was interesting to see the different ice cream flavours available which were all doing a roaring trade with the good weather.


By 5o’clock, the passengers made their way back to the coaches. There were lots of tired looking people with bags of goodies. The coach ride back was quieter on some coaches but we believe the party was continuing on coach 1 with singing and dancing on the journey home! It was a positive message seeing so many different backgrounds on the coach, all enjoying the trip to Scarborough.


We hope to organise another annual trip next year but are always looking for new destinations. If you know of a place that you have visited and want to share that with us, please contact us on our website or telephone on 07720640459.

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