[vol-uh n-teer]




    a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.



    a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

Volunteering for Sikh Sport UK is a rewarding practice and can make a difference to your own life as well as the lives of people around you. As you may know, SSUK is built on the foundations of the Sikh belief of Sewa; the selfless act of helping others. At SSUK, we are determined to give you any type of opportunity ,whether it be big or small, in order to best use your time.


There are many reasons why people choose to volunteer; some people do it to find new skills and to build on previous knowledge and experience.  For others, it's a chance to give something back to the local community, make a difference or to provide something they never had previously in their lives.  Whatever the motivation may be, one thing that unites all volunteers is that it is challenging and rewarding.

Develop More ... Give More ... Become More

At Sikh Sport UK there are so many roles that you can volunteer for.  These are just a few examples;

  • Coaching youngsters

  • Marketing

  • Networking

  • Media Design

  • Event Planning and Co-Ordination

  • Getting involved with national sport organisations


The above list is not exhausative. Please contact us here to offer any of your services or to help in any way you want to - no matter how big or small.


In the meantime, have read below of why our current members volunteer;



"I joined Sikh Sport UK by accident. I was handed the microphone and became the master of ceremonies at the Vaisakhi Tournament. I got to know the organisation and got involved.  SSUK duties fit in with my view of putting something back in to the community. That is the essence of seva.  You need may different types of sewadaars (volunteers); financial and those that just give you their time. I love sport and it is a great platform to inspire the youth.  In the early days we may have concentrated on our own community but today it is about propagating Guru Nanak Dev Ji's teachings through the medium of sport for all communities.  We should serve all without discrimination.  To me, it is about serving and sharing."


Daljit Singh Rayat (Director)

"I volunteer so that I can give back to sport the way I was supported as a youngster by my elders. Seva is one of the foundations of Sikhi so it is good to offer my seva in this way"






Manjinder Singh Rayat (Director)

"Having been pulled to one side by the referee (the late Pritpal Singh Rayat) after a football match on a sunny Sunday afternoon, he told me he was proud to see an Indian girl playing football. To my knowledge, this wasn't a big deal until he pointed out the lack of Asian girls playing. He introduced me to Sikh Sport UK and their ethos of Sikhi incorporated into sport. I did not need to think twice and knew it was an opportunity to show all that sport plays a big impact in life. 

Being a dedicated volunteer is my way of giving back to a community and showing the community that sports and education can co-reside and be a powerful means."


Sharron Kaur Sandhu (Core Memeber)

"I was asked to join Sikh Sport UK after doing some seva at the annual Vaisakhi Football Tournament.  It was an easy decision for me simply because of what SSUK has done for the community, the Sikh ethos and its long term vision of bringing so many people together through sport and other initiatives.  I did not hesitate for one moment at all but was delighted to be able to join a team of dedicated staff and help bring even more people together through innovative projects."




Harmesh Singh Notay (Core Member)

"Joining Sikh Sport UK was one of the challenging things I have done.  I have always enjoyed sport from a younger age and was looking for an opportunity to use sport as a cohesion for different communities. I firmly believe that voluntary work can be very rewarding, as I have found out over the years being a part of Sikh Sport UK.  I have been able to meet so many new people, build lasting relationships, find new opportunities, develop my own skills and learn plenty of new skills in the process too.  As a Sikh, I was brought up to do as much seva as I can, and finding a way to incorporate sport with voluntary work has been exciting from day one. I believe that this organisation can go far as we want, and I hope we play a part in many lives in the years to come. When you know you have made a difference to just one person; all the hard work is worth it."

Nirvair Singh Gill (Core Member)